Satisfied Visitor

9/24/2015 4:25:28 AM EDT

I visited Halls Of Havoc last year in 2014 and I was pleasantly surprised. I was under the assumption that it may not be as scary since in was a small type of haunted house attraction and not as advertised and show-cased as others. Although I was wrong! I think all the actors did a fantastic job and I can't wait to return in 2015! Keep up the good work guys!

Laura Harris

10/3/2015 11:06:00 PM EDT

great job we had lots of fun...

Q. Green

10/11/2015 1:25:50 AM EDT

This is most definitely the best haunted house I've been to. Very well done. I loved the suspense you never know what's around the corner. I rate this 10 of 10. Please tell ur friends and attend. I promise you will be very satisfied

S Campbell

10/30/2015 9:51:16 PM EDT

My husband and I just left your fanstatic haunted halls. We enjoyed every moment and cannot wait to come back next year! There were surprises around every corner and we enjoyed how everything was not totally "scripted". Wonderful job to all of the actors ❤️. See you next year Signed Batman and Superman 😉

Chris, Shannon & Chelsy

10/31/2015 8:49:22 PM EDT

By far the best Haunt we have been through in a long time. As far as scare factor I would definitely say we were more scared here than Netherworld. Way to go guys. Can't wait till next year.


1/15/2016 9:34:12 PM EDT

I love working in halls of havoc and I will miss it and everyone in it I can't wait for halls to start back and see the new stuff. I think this is one of the scariest haunted houses in Georgia by far. This place is so creepy and scary I love it . You will to . Go to halls of havoc it's the best ........well scariest place you can go. See you in October.


1/29/2016 11:40:50 PM EDT

working there and helping around with everything else was so fun all these years and I'm hoping and praying that we find a place for 2016 cause that's what I look forward to every year and I already reserve October for the halls! I love and miss all you guys! Can't wait for "halls of havoc" 2k16!❤️

Sc Spradlin

3/26/2016 9:23:49 PM EDT

this is the best haunted house in Macon GA. this is where I have gone for over 3 years and I love it every time! :) I spend every October there and can't wait to see what they change every time. It's a new group of people and there amazing. I can't believe that we might not have it this year. I'm so sad :( 2k16 won't end fast enough. I LOVE YOU HALLS OF HAVOC!!!!!!!


9/20/2016 11:08:10 AM EDT

I have been going every year for the past 3 years and this is by far the BEST haunted house in Ga! When are you opening up this year? I can't wait to bring all my friends!!!

Tanner Howell

10/7/2016 4:23:23 PM EDT

What are the dates, times, and prices?


10/29/2016 4:36:37 PM EDT

Website needs updating.
Great haunted house, just fix the site so we can see times, dates, price, etc

Haunt Junkies

8/21/2017 2:00:06 PM EDT

Are you opening for the 2017 season?

Larry wayne smallwood

9/5/2017 6:15:35 PM EDT

What is the age limit to work there if you will message me and let me know I have three people that would like to work there this year


10/6/2017 10:30:56 AM EDT

Gonna miss the halls this year! A great place to walk through and work at. Great crew. Hope to see y’all next year!

Halls of Havoc

10/7/2017 8:43:50 PM EDT

We are closed for the 2017 season. We are building now at an undisclosed location for the 2018 season. We will announce our location middle of next year.


10/24/2017 3:38:35 PM EDT

I'm so disappointed that yall won't be doing the haunt this year.
But knowing you'll be back 2018 is awesome to hear and I'm looking
Forward to it. You all do an outstanding job